Friday, February 19, 2010

The Olympics have seduced me.  I am not sleeping; I don't care about celebrities' love lives or press conferences; I have even forsaken reruns of favorite television shows.  Who knew snow boarding could be such a spectator sport?  And I don't even like snow.
Wait. I do not personally have anything against snow.  I just don't like to shovel it, or drive in it, or have to walk a dog in it.   If I can just enjoy the fire, watching the flurries, sipping hot tea, and reading a good book, then snow is wonderful.  And as a device in plotting, snow is good. Characters can get trapped in a snow storm.  Snow can slow the action down, can be used to enhance romance, intensify suspense, or provide humor.   And don't forget the conversations characters can have regarding how each flake is unique.  Why, snow, in this case has even provided me with a subject for today's ramble.
Last week, a friend taking a quick trip was delayed a due to snow.  She had to chortle a bit at the inane behavior of her fellow passengers when the airport they were traveling to closed due to blizzard conditions.  Everyone seem so upset that the airport had closed due to bad weather and low visibility (de-icing delays might have been foreshadowing).
While everyone else was yelling at the customer service agents (because apparently they should possess the power to control the weather), my friend sauntered over a cozy corner, dialed reservations, gave the res agent the pertinent information and got booked on the first flight for the  morning.  She then popped into the news stand for some snacks and a drink, then returned to her cozy corner where she set up the cot that the airline had provided for the passengers.  
When her fellow passengers questioned her about why she wasn't in line at the desk, she told them.  While they were foolishly yelling at the agents who had no control over the weather situation, she had taken care of business like a responsible adult should.  Their amazement was no doubt compounded by the fact that she had gotten one of the last seats on the first flight the next day.  No complaining.  No yelling. No problem.  She was ready to pull out her  laptop and watch "hulu" for the next few hours until she fell asleep.
Ironically,  she was probably one of the youngest travelers on the flight (in her mid-twenties).   Her parents raised her right... life is an adventure, not a tantrum waiting to happen.
Despite the fact it was Valentine's weekend, and she hadn't seen her husband in weeks, and he couldn't drive the four hours to meet her at her connection airport because roads were closed, she found the good in her situation.  A warm, quiet space.  A moment to reflect (she wasn't trapped in a ditch, she wasn't trapped outside in the cold).  Just like life--she reasoned--snow happens.
For those wondering how her story ends, she made it to her destination the next morning.  Her husband was thrilled to see her, and they had a wonderful (albeit short) weekend together. Most importantly...everyone remained safe.  
As for me, I am grateful that these days the only snow I have to worry about is the kind I get on the television.