Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sound of Silence

Applause. That is the sound of silence this season. From the accolades of film critics and audiences to the approval of introverts across the land, the truth is, that silence seems to be golden in 2012.

Two films nominated for multiple Academy Awards this season reflect on the artistry of the silent age of films. Hugo and The Artist each detail man’s journey through the ever changing world of film, yet from different perspectives. Don’t worry-no spoilers here. While Hugo’s narrative style reveals the sense of mourning for a bygone age, The Artist clever adaptation of the silent film genre offers the viewer the thrill of storytelling through the lens.

With each, we find the importance of actions. In each, actions speak louder than words. (What a concept for those of us who write!)

Consider then, the cover story by TIME magazine, this week, which profiles those who are introverts. Citing that while we exist as a society that has become a culture of personality, those who are introverts have so much more to offer than our media-mad culture would have us think.

Introverts may be more quiet, yet their silence might actually indicate a tendency to process more information, to make better thought out decisions, and an ability to perform tasks independently. All of this may mean that the introverts are the ones we want on to be stranded on an island with...raft construction, engineering concepts, and broader categories for conversation when engaged in one-on-one discussions.

So, I suggest we all strive to find a bit of quiet time and just enjoy the solace of silence...

The opening line of Max Ehermann’s poem, “Desiderata” says it best, “Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.”

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Greetings of the New Year to All!

The ribbons strewn, the paper shredded, and the boxes are piled high, ready to be stashed for another year, until we celebrate the winter holidays once more.

For some the new year means a new beginning. For others, it means the second half of the fiscal year, or the school year is about to begin. And for some it means an end to what may have been a stressful year. Whichever suits our needs, the fact is, 2012 marks a transition in our lives.

For me, transition means I begin to look to the beginning of the spring-season-to-come. Having finished a rough draft, and three shows, I will turn my attention to the shows yet to come, as well as the revisions, and brainstorming that comes when I consider another story.

The yule season marks a restful period. In some ways, I agree. There is a quiet sense to the world at the beginning of January, almost as if we have inhaled deeply, and now are gently exhaling, allowing everything to wash over us before we begin once more.

Even in slumber, however, our minds are active~anticipating the exuberance of the season to come. Spring, new life, warmth of spirit, renewed energy.

Rest well in this quiet time. Line up your dreams and get ready to hit the ground running! Happy New Year to all!